Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

[WIP]YF-12A Interceptor

The SR-71 is cool and all... But don't you sometimes wish it had weapons? Well, the YF-12A is a lesser known sibling of the SR-71 (or pretty much it's predecessor) able to carry AIM-47 missiles in internal weapon bays. It never made it past the prototype stage. The *most* visible changes to the exterior are 4 bottom bays with weapon and electronic equipment, a chin nose instead of the round and smooth SR-71 nose, a fin on the bottom of each engine and a centerline bottom fin which would retract with the gear due to its size.

Current progress:
Front weapon bays next to front gear done
Fins on engines done
Chin nose done

Left to do:
Centerline fin
Rear weapon bays
New skin/markings

Freitag, 20. Mai 2016

[WIP]SR-71A Blackbird progress

To get a little live in the blog again, here is an update on the SR-71A:

Completely new nozzles. The Black Ops model (base model of this mod) lacked any distinctive nozzle whatsoever and that bugged me so much that I went ahead and created a new one. In the background you can see how it looked like before.

Additionally I have added some high resolution markings to the aircraft. Here you can see the rudder markins and in the background simple "NO STEP" markings on the fuselage

Ingame screenshots with afterburner (working for add-on version)

What will I add/improve?

Well, for one the engine inlets... On pretty much EVERY picture of the SR-71 you can see them open (they are in front of the nozzle). This would need a major remodelling, but I guess I really want to have them open...
A retexture of the gear bays. Right now they're plain black.
Maybe add the photo cameras on the bottom of the aircraft.
Aerial refueling hatch: Really, I don't know how this works. Is it always open or does it have a cover? Bceuase on many pictures and exhibits it is open, but I could swear at least the NASA versions have closed covers...

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016

WIP mod pictures and upcoming mods

I really gotta update here more often. Here are some pictures of mods I am working on... SR-71 Blackbird (started converting), E-2D Hawkeye (exterior converted, need to make a cockpit) and US Army helicopter helmets (AH-64 Apache helmet and MH-60 Black Hawk helmet with mask).

Other mods being worked on: Valkyrie Space Shuttle from Avatar and USS Nathan James DDG-151

USS Nathan James Mk-38 weapon station:

Apache helmet (beta without textures)

Other mods coming up soon (planned):

-C-130J Hercules and AC-130H Spectre
-C-5M Super Galaxy
-CFA-44 Nosferatu
-ADFX-02 Morgan
-Boeing 767-300ER
-Boeing 747-400 or -8i (maybe both)
-Airbus A330-300 (or -200)
-Airbus A340-600
-Panavia Tornado
-CH-149 Mohawk
-US Space Shuttle
-Stryker MGS
-Stryker ICV

Samstag, 19. März 2016

An update of the work I have been doing.

Long time no update and the list of released mods is... low... like... very low. Only the AT-99 has been released recently.

That's because:

a) I had to cut back on time because of my life outside of the modding scene
b) I have been working on the Avatar vehicles pack
c) I have been working on a detailed model of a DDG Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer

Status of b):

The AT-99 has been released as appetizer, but will be remade for the package. A new collision, tweaked materials and better cockpit will be implemented.
The Valkyrie Space Shuttle is still awaiting its cockpit. The HUD with its systems has been finished and shown during the preview video of the Valkyrie.
The SA-2 Samson is finished and comes in two version: One normal SEC-Ops version with missiles, buzzard MG and hook to carry vehicles. The other one is "Rogue One". Special paintscheme of the SA-2 flown by Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez) in the movie with missiles, Savage MG and no hook.
The Dragon Assault Ship... The model is there, but the cockpit and landing gear are still missing. I also haven't even started to convert that thing.

Status of c):

The model is entirely new and NOT from BF4. It features a bridge with interior and two complete hangars. Model is still in progress to add a CIWS platform and MK-38 weapon stations. A lot of models for this have been donated by the same person who also provides me with textures and lots of background knowledge.
A fitting Seahawk helicopter should be finished soon.

Pictures will follow.

Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015

Happy New Year! A list of whats to come (GTA)

Well folks, another year has passed and there were some big changes because we got GTA V modding. I will further post a list of mods which will be made in the new year. I hope you'll all make it into 2016 well.

So, here we go: (unless stated otherwise, these are for GTA V)

-F-16C Fighting Falcon (done)
-F-15C Eagle (in progress)
-F-15E Strike Eagle
-F/A-18E or F Super Hornet
-EA-18G Growler (in progress)
-SR-71A Blackbird (in progress)
-A-12A Avenger II (possibly for GTA:SA as well)
-Mi-24D Hind
-LAV-25 (done)
-LAV-AD (done)
-Stryker ICV
-̶c̶̶h̶-̶5̶̶3̶  (MH-53J instead)
-Leopard 2A5 or 2A6
-Panavia Tornado
-̶a̶v̶-̶8̶̶b̶̶ ̶̶h̶̶a̶̶r̶̶r̶̶i̶̶e̶̶r̶̶ ̶̶i̶̶i̶
-Rhib boat (already done, but gun not working)
-AH-6 and MH-6 Little Bird
-C-17A Globemaster III (done)
-Space Shuttle
-Boeing 747
-C-130 and AC-130

Thats it for now ;) maybe some will be squeezed in or left out, but most are sure to be made  (like F-15, F-16 and F-18)

Freitag, 20. November 2015

[REL/SA]B-2A Spirit

So for those still playing GTA San Andreas, I have got a new gift for you: A proper B-2A Spirit stealth bomber with openable bomb bays, realistic control surfaces and detailed cockpit.


Donnerstag, 19. November 2015

F-14D Super Tomcat Update and AH-1Z Viper screenshot teasers

The F-14D gets yet another update:

-higher resolution textures
-script for automatic variable wings
-double afterburner

And then we have the latest USMC attack helicopter, converted from Battlefield 3 and 4. This thing is a beauty.