Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

[INFO]Upcoming releases

releasing time soon

Releases will be:

M1A2 Abrams with moving tracks/all wheels/interior (Rhino) [100%]
M2A2 Bradley with moving tracks/all wheels/interior (Swatvan) [100%]
M270 MLRS with moving tracks/all wheels/interior (Dumper) [100%]
Stryker ICV with all wheels/interior (Firetruck/Swatvan) [100%]
Bombardier Global with interior (Shamal) [100%]
CH-47F Chinook with detailed cockpit (Cargobob) [100%]
Su-34 Fullback (Hydra) [WIP]
Mi-24P Hind (Hunter) [100%]
GAZ-3937 Vodnik (Sandking) [100%]
MV-22 Osprey (Beagle) [100%]

Future projects i have in mind:
AAV7A1 Amtrack with full interior
LAV-25 with full interior
updating Lynx with detailed cockpit
updating KA-60 with detailed cockpit
M2A3 Bradley with interior
AW101 Merlin
FV510 Warrior with interior

6 Kommentare:

  1. I'm working on Vodnik atm. Exterior from Arma and interior from Battlefield.

  2. if you're gonna make an MI-24 then can u make the nose similar to the one from Bad Company 2?

  3. and if u do the AW101 can u have retractable gear for it?

  4. What I'd love to see (but I know it's kinda hard to come about) is the Eurcopter EC 155 in the german "Bundespolizei"-livery so I can replace the Police Maverick with a decent model..

  5. can you pls make a ch 46 (your own not mw3) and pls with a desert camo