Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

B-1B Lancer: You decide

So, as you may have guessed, I'm working on the B-1B for Andromada.

And here's my question.

The wings and bomb bays are kinda problematic, so here are the solutions:

1: Num2 and Num8 control wings and bomb hatches at the same time, that means, when the bomb bays are open, the wings are unfolded and vice versa.

2: Num2 and Num8 control the bomb bays, the wings act as flaps, that means, the wings will always be in folded mode and when the gear is deployed, they will unfold.

3: I will leave away moveable bomb hatches and only make the wings move with Num8 and Num2

I prefer option 1 or 3. Tell me what you think.

10 Kommentare:

  1. I hope you can script the wing to auto move like F-14 Tomcat while the bomb bay is openable by num2 and Num8,just my suggestion

  2. Of course it should be number two, realistic purpose. If they bombing at high speed, will they unfold the wing? I think number two is the best.

  3. Option 2 sounds most realistic.

  4. well, uness the jet will be able to drop bombs, id go with option 3, but if bombs are dropable, do you think it would be possible to make the bomb bay doors to open when bmbs are dropped?

  5. Meh, option 1 sounds like the best compromise.