Sonntag, 11. November 2012

Battlefield 3 models

I know you want them

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  1. What's the name of the second car?

  2. How did you ripped them without UV texture problems?

  3. Dear Skyline, I know you're overwhelmed with requests but I'd like to ask you to make Tu-154 (to replace AT400) and Tu-134 (to replace Shamal) (both Aeroflot of Soviet era) mods. I turn to you because you can do it much better. I hope my request not be ignored. Thanks a lot in advance! Here I'll send a link of those planes (I hope it can help you to make them). Please make these mods as depicted in pictures in the link.
    Link for Tu-154:
    if this doesn't help, try this one for TU-154
    Link Tu-154:
    Link for Tu-134:

    I'll be very very happy to have them in my GTA San Andreas. Thank you very much for attention:-)

  4. If they're gonna be that color (black) then yes, yes I do. But if they're not, Yes, I still want them. (I hope they'll be black thou C:)

  5. You mean TU-154 and Tu-134 in black??? My requested mods have no connection with "Battlefield 3 models" depicted above (military vehicles). So, please, make them in their original colors (not black). They are civil planes not military.

  6. Hello, I know you are working in BF3 vehicles, but I'd like to ask you to make the AH-64D in black camo with the loadout like this pictures from Apache: Air Assault (to replace hunter) (I came to you because I know you make the highest quality vehicles for GTA games),
    ,I hope you see request. It's my favorite attack helicopter, I would be so happy to use it on San Andreas. thanks for your attention Skyline