Samstag, 24. August 2013

[REL]DC-10-30 and KC-10A Extender

Okay, here is the new DC-10. Differences over the KC-10: Different fuselage (obviously), doors actually open up. New skins. Different LOD model.
I decided to pack the extra skins in a different archive, cause it's quite heavy. The basic download includes the .dff and Continental .txd.

Additional .txd file in the extra archive:
Hawaiian Airlines
Pan Am
British Airways

For those who know how to: Exterior model is the CLS DC-10, just incase someone wants to convert a few FSX Liveries.

Model and Continental texture:

Additional textures:

For the KC-10, see post below

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  1. Excellent job, dear Skyline!!! What about high quality Boeing 737-800 for Alitalia (the same livery you used for Boeing 767), Air France, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, KLM (the same livery you used here), United & Delta? Last time you made it so hastily that planes looked low quality but I'm sure you can make much better. BTW the letters of airlines in your last Boeing 737-800 were opposite (I hope you've noticed). Thanks a lot for attention and sorry for inconveniences. I'll be waiting for release. I won't bother you any more!