Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

Time for some new Tomcats (WIP)

Well, thought I'd give the F-14D of Ace Combat Assault Horizon a try and now I can't stop working and working on it.

Quick revision of the work flow:

-exterior model ripped and set-up
-created following skins:

  • Wardog (Ace Combat 5)
  • Razgriz (Ace Combat 5)
  • Schnee (Ace Combat 5)
  • Brown NSAWC (by Sabro)
  • Iranian Air Force (by Sabro)
  • Polish Navy (fictional / by Sabro)
  • Top Gun (Maverick)
  • Top Gun (Iceman)

-new gear added (taken from Aerosofts F-14 for FSX)
-cockpit model ripped and fitted into exterior model
-remodeled exterior canopy to a higher quality standard
-added complete RIO station in the back
-converted to San Andreas
-chin pod remodelled to a higher quality standard
-created different weapon loadouts (unfortunately only one can be possible because of the wing script):

  • 2x Aim-9 and 6x Aim-54
  • 2x Aim-9, 2x Aim-7 and 4x Aim-54
  • 2x Aim-9, 6x Aim-7
  • 2x Aim-9, 2x Aim-7 and 4x GBU-32
  • 2x Aim-9, 1x Aim-7, 1x AN/ALQ-114 and 4x GBU-12

-created following skins:

  • VX-4 "Vandy One"
  • VF-111 Sundowners (by Sabro)
  • VF-51 Screaming Eagles (by Sabro)
  • VF-31 Tomcatters (low-visibility)
  • VF-31 Tomcatters (high-visibility)
  • VF-2 Bounty Hunters (low visibility)

-MK-17 ejection seats modelled
-side panels, moving joystick and moving pedals added
-vent on the front left side modelled (instead of a simple texture)
-work on F-14A model started, including:

  • TF-30 engines
  • new chin pod
  • glove vanes
-created following skin:

  • VF-154 Black Knights
-remodelled front part of the cabin to a higher quality standard

What I want to do:

All versions:
  • remodel MG and MG housing to a higher quality standard
  • add lights
  • shadow
-nothing specific at the moment

-not started, but uses many parts of both versions, not much work needed here

-new cockpit panel (more analog systems instead of screens)
-new RIO station (different layout and more analog systems)
-new Martin Baker MK.7 ejection seats

And that's it, enjoy two pics of the current F-14A version:

Pictures of work progress:

F-14D Cockpit

TF-30 nozzle (made from scratch)

Vent on the left side:

F-14D chin pod (left is my model, right is original AC:AH model)

4 Kommentare:

  1. Iranian Air Force Skin?
    We do have the only F-14 Ace in the world so...

    1. I knew I forgot to list something... Sabro has made one already :)

  2. Awesome F-14! Can't wait to fly it^^

  3. Men you are my idol!!!! Now i cant wait more for it *-*!!