Mittwoch, 23. September 2015

Progress of Arleigh Burke class destroyer and GTA V Abrams inagme pics.

Well, I have been working a little more on the Arleigh Burke Class destroyer I'm planning to convert for GTA V.

The bottom has ben completely renewed to portray that of a real AB class destroyer (before it was just... meh, look at the older post). I have also modelled the entrances for both of the heli hangar doors. One of them will be openable, the other one stays closed. The bridge now has actual windows and the turret is very detailed as well.

And then here are two ingame pics of the M1A2 in GTA V.

And the destroyed one. The engine area, munitions compartment and driver cabin will have that burned look and some parts break off (rear reactive armor, some side panels, MG, hatches, bags, etc)

5 Kommentare:

  1. Cool! is the turret usable? (Both abrams and class destroyer)

  2. Is there any chance you would reskin soviet T34 found in junkyard and make it drivable ?

  3. Do you have a rough idea on when this might be released? Because I just cannot wait for this to drop, and also I have a huge love of Navy ships!