Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

[WIP] Airbus A300 Beluga

this picture was taken for texture testing... ive made the texture myself and mapped that bloody plane, but the result is very good (texture will be more detailed and will have spec highlight in final version)


Dienstag, 23. November 2010

Newest mods [REL/WIP]

These are the newest mods, downloadlink will be coming asap

YF-22 Lightning


F-22 Gryphus One skin

DL for H.A.W.X.:
DL for GTA SA:

[WIP]AV-8B Harrier II

[WIP]F-117 Nighthawk

NFSUC Police Chopper


Mig-21 Fishbed

[WIP]ADFX-02 Morgan from Ace Combat: Zero

Fokker 100


[WIP]C-17 Globemaster III

E-2C Hawkeye

Eurofighter-2000 Typhoon


F/A-18E Hornet


Dassault Rafale M

Mirage-2000 5

DL: (with default skin)

HAWX Skin pack 1
The pack will include:

F-14 Idolmaster
F-14 Razgriz
F-14 Wardog
F-14D Prototype
F-14 Iranian Air Force
F-14 Schnee Squadron
F-14 VX-4 Black Bunny
F-14 Tomcatters
4 different Top Gun skins for F-14
F-16 Historic Windhover
F-16 PJ "Galm 2"
F-15 50TH Anniversary JASDF
F-15 Active Sorcerer Sqdn.
F-22 Razgriz
YF-23 Wizard Sqdn.
Su-47 Grabacr Sqdn.
Su-47 Gault Sqdn.
Su-47 Idolmaster
Su-37 Strigon Sqdn.
Su-37 Ace Combat 7 Sqdn.
E-767 Ghosteye
E-767 Snake Pit
F-5 "Mig 28"
F-5 Wardog
Gripen C Indigo


ive made more mods, but theyre not so important at the moment, also check my vids on youtube :P