Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

[REL]F-15C Eagle

Okay, here is the updated model...

Quick changelog:

-Vents on top of the fuselage modeled
-Compartment underneath the canopy modeled (can be seen when canopy is open)
-low res side panels and stick added in the cockpit
-New, detailed landing gear
-New textures ofr landing gear compartment
-New shadow
-New ACES II ejection seat
-Refueling tanks as extra
-Lights added (Nav, position lights, etc)
-New LOD model
-Different set of skins
-New Engine texture

Dienstag, 21. April 2015

Aircraft update campaign

So what's up? V is out and modding will start at some point. I'm preparing a few models for it and do the changes on San Andreas mods, so I will release those aircraft for SA as well.

The first one I have worked a lot on is the F-15C. The goal is to keep models close to the original meshes, while enhancing the models with actually just tiny details.

What have I done to the F-15C?
-I have remodelled some vents on top of the fuselage. Now they're not just 10*5 pixels of texture but real meshes with depth etc (much better looking)
-New wheels. Wheels have been modelled to represent real life F-15 wheels
-New landing gear door textures. Replaces the low res original ones with new, better looking textures
-In exhaust textures (Before they were just black)
-New radar in nosecone (SA models won't profitate off that sadly)
-Cockpit will be edited (to-do)

image of the old model:

New model:

And here is the "broken version". To make the wings look like they're not just cut off, I have edited the mesh and also added a broken wing interior, so to say. Looks quite nice imo. Left wing, right wing and left tail can break seperately.

Broken state (will be available in V):


I'm planning on doing this to a few AC:AH models. Mainly the F-15C, F-15E, F-14D, YF-23 (although I have already released that one with some scratchwork) and maybe some Sukhois. Don't know, yet