Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

[REL]F-22 Raptor

New F-22 for GTA San Andreas, it has the most functions out of all F-22 models available. Openable missile hatches, realistic gear system, flaps, slats, attitude, height and speed indicator in cockpit and yea.

6 skins included:
US Air Force (standard)
US Air Force (camo)
US Air Force (1st production Raptor "spirit of America") (made by me)
Mobius One (made by me)
Warwolf special skin


The external payloads caused the plane to be bugged to hell, so I have removed them for now. I will try to find a solution. (Also, the final shadow model is only visible on the first two screens)

Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014

[REL]Dassault Rafale M

A new Rafale M for GTA SA using the Al Olanes script for realistic part movement. Aside from that, it comes with the following 6 skins:

French (grey)
French (grey camo)
French (Tigermeet)
Espada 2

It also has 6 different weapon payloads, which will vary:

2xAim-9 on outer pylons
2xAim-9 and 4xanti-ship Exocet missile
2xAim-9 and 6xanti-air Meteor missile
2xAim-9 and 4xfuel tank
2xAim-9,2xanti-ship Exocet missile and 2xStorm Shadow cruise missile
2x Aim-9,4xanti-air Meteor missile and 2xfuel tank


Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014


New F-15 S/MTD converted from Ace Combat: Assault Horizon to GTA SA for Hydra. Uses Al_Planes 1.1 for realistic part movement and working cockpit. Comes with 6 skins, I have made 2 entirely by myself:
Sorcerer from Ace Combat: The Belkan War and Razgriz from Ace Combat: The Unsung War.