Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

[REL]Navy/Marine Officer


[REL]Commercial Pilot

Converted and slightly edited from GTA IV.


It may be a little buggy, but I didn't notice anything big when testing. IMO it's fine.

Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

USS Nimitz Strike Group CSG 11

Showing off all different types of vessels.

Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer

Kaiser Class Oiler

Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigatte

Ticonderoga Class Cruiser

If finished, there should be:

1 Supercarrier (USS Nimitz)
1 Kaiser Class (USS Patuxent)
1Ticonderoga Class (USS Valley Forge)
3 Arleigh Burke Class
2 Oliver Hazard Perry Class

Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigatte

So, I have been working some time on this one. The model was/is quite poly, but i have made new textures and remodelled some parts to make it more detailed and good looking. First pic is its current state, second pic is how it was in the beginning.

It's gonna swim along together with the Nimitz, Patuxent, Arleigh Burke and Ticonderoga off the coast of Los Santos :P

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

[REL]F-15E Strike Eagle without detailed Cockpit

But all working parts, lights, rearseat and changeable squadrons. Version with detailed cockpit will be ade and uploaded aswell.

MG and Afterburner script included


Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

[REL]B-1B Lancer

And here it is, the new B-1B Lancer a.ka. the Bone. Variable wings, openable bomb hatches, working lights, paintchanger, detailed cockpit and more and more.

Bomb hatches work manually, wings automatically, so there's no problem anymore at all. It just uses an additional script for the wings.

You can enter from the ground, just stand a little away from the frontgear and he will run up an invisble ramp to the cockpit.


Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

B-1B Lancer: You decide

So, as you may have guessed, I'm working on the B-1B for Andromada.

And here's my question.

The wings and bomb bays are kinda problematic, so here are the solutions:

1: Num2 and Num8 control wings and bomb hatches at the same time, that means, when the bomb bays are open, the wings are unfolded and vice versa.

2: Num2 and Num8 control the bomb bays, the wings act as flaps, that means, the wings will always be in folded mode and when the gear is deployed, they will unfold.

3: I will leave away moveable bomb hatches and only make the wings move with Num8 and Num2

I prefer option 1 or 3. Tell me what you think.

Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

[REL]Boeing 767-300

And finally the default 767-300 with Project Al. Includes 4 skins, hence the big file size.

Air Canada
American Airlines
United Airlines

Winglets were made as extra, so the plane appears with or without them


[REL]Boeing KC767

The KC767 with all features of the E767, but instead of the radardome it has a moveable refueling arm (Num2 and Num8 to move). It also has a different skin and some slight model changes.


[REL]Boeing E767 AWACS

And here is the scripted version ;) Flaps, spoilers, gear and lights now work properly. Enterable from ground and altered ped frontseat, so you can use  fpv mods properly.


[REL]Boeing E767 (Non-scripted)

For those who have problem with the script and/or don't like to use scripts at all, here is an unscripted version.

E767, KC767 and 767 with Project Al will be released later.


Thanks to SanyaSkyFly for the E767 radardome model

And the new Strike Eagle. No detailed cockpit, yet. But I think I'll release one version with and one without detailed cockpit.

[REL]UH-60 Blackhawk wreckage

This wreckage can be used for DYOM military missions or something like that, as it is a nice addition to the Battlefield.
(Can be found in Grove Street aswell, for example)


Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

[REL]F-16C Fighting Falcon

The best F-16C you will ever find for GTA San Andreas. Thanks to the Al script made by Albreht, it finally has realistic gears, working brakes, slats, flaps and more. Light are working, paintchanger included and the cockpit is very detailed. Because of it's small size it fits the original Hydra model very well.


[REL]Boeing 707-300

Well, since I have made the E-3 Sentry with Project Al it wasn't to hard to make the regular 707 aswell. First removing, than adding and changing some parts and here we go.


[REL]Armored Chevrolet Silverado

Yes, I know, I said Suburban, but this Silverado looks pretty identical to a Suburban/Tahoe. I have downloaded this model from a website without any credits, so idk who made it.

Changed things:

Cab on rear
MG and turret

SA:MP frienldy, SA lights and damage parts


Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

List of mods to be made

Longer list of what I've been thinking:

Boeing 767-300
Boeing E767
Boeing KC-767 (all models based on the 767 released last year)
Chevrolet Suburban PMC with mounted MG (more detailed, not from ArmA)
Boeing 737-300

These mods would fill atleast 2 weeks xD keep in mind, this means not they will be made, just that I have them in mind

And I have to do these for IV, requested by some Mod teams

LAV-25 (Homefront Mod)
Stryker MGS (Vice City HD Mod)
London Bus and Metro (GTA London Mod)
OH-58D armed and unarmed (Our ugly World Mod)

I'm back on the 15th of october... Just. Hold on ;)