Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

[REL]KA-50 Black Shark (50th mod release in one month)

ye, 50 in a months, can you top it? :o

New Years skin

Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

[REL]Boeing YAL-1 Laser Testbed and new runway

a modified Boeing 747 currently in use by the USAF to shoot down ballistic missiles using a laser system... and now you can fly it in SA :)

and i have uploaded the new Runway, including .dff and .txd for LOD. The mod was made by my friend Pepko

[REL]C-141B Starlifter

well, the real counterpart of the Andromada, here it is... but aileron_pos and elevator_pos dont seem to work...

Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

[REL]CH-46 Seaknight from Modern Warfare 3

you may want to tell me know, that this one has been made already, thats why i'll put the feature list here:

-detailed exterior
-detailed interior
-openable doors
-enterable back
-original rotors (made by me)
-original size
-floats on water
-custom LOD model
-custom shadow
-custom col

[REL]Volk's Sedan from Modern Warfare 3

all (yes, all) parts damageable, enterable for 4 persons, custom LOD, shadow, col, have fun ;)

Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2011

Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

[PS]Truck and Grinch from Modern Warfare 3

forget it, cant rip them in a good pose...

List of MW3 vehicles i tried, but won't convert:
A-10 Thunderbolt II
London Cabbie
Vespa (Scooter)

[REL]T-90 Russian MBT from Modern Warfare 3

and here we have the last of the 3 MBTs, hope you like it :)

[REL]UGV from Modern Warfare 3

replaces RCTiger, read the ReadMe if you want to know how to use it

[REL]London Police Vehicle+Officer from Modern Warfare 3

i guess... that car is something like a Volvo... whatever, SA lights, damage parts and ped seat is on the right side, remember, it's a british car ;) as for the officer... the legs may come out of his jacket at the back, when running, maybe someone wants to fix it and upload it then, i give permission to do so, if you tell me, that you have fixed it ;)

included is an HQLM and non-HQLM version

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

[REL]London Double Decker bus with enterable interior from Modern Warfare 3

yea, you can walk up- and downstairs... i like it :D

[REL]Charity Truck from Modern Warfare 3

yep, the evil charity truck^^

damageable doors
SA lights
custom LOD, col, shadow

[REL]Utility Van from Modern Warfare 3

sorry it took so long, but i needed a break^^
this is the one you chased the subway in MW3 with ;)

damageable doors, front bumper and boot
SA lights
has got an extra
custom col, shadow and LOD model

[REL]London Metro from Modern Warfare 3

my first train mod :D (now i have plane, boat, car, tank, truck, train, helicopter xP)

with enterable interior

[REL]Makarov's private MD-500 from Modern Warfare 3's last mission

enterable for 4 persons, working back doors, actually detailed cockpit, have fun ;) (replaces sparrow)

Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

[REL]M1A2 Abrams with interior and moving tracks from MW3

and the 5th mod release today, i'm working really hard for you guys ;)

i may make a second version, that has a working mg and all working wheels, i cant promise it though

[WIP]M1A2 with full interior from MW3

just to show it's in progress :D ripping worked better than i thought... i didnt even had to rip exterior and interior seperately ;)

and you can believe me... I will finish and release it ;)

[REL]Leopard 2A7 Main Battle Tank and LCAC Hovercraft from CoD: Modern Warfare 3

okay, here we go with another 2 MW3 vehicles :D

first, the Hovercraft, it can carry up to 2 Rhino's without problems, further infos in readme

and the Leopard 2A7 German MBT with moving tracks

[REL]F/A-37 Talon

here we go, scripted and non-scrpted .dff included

Model features:
-Detailed exterior
-Detailed panel
-movable wings
-movable elevators
-real opening canopy
-changeable skins
-original gear
-custom col
-custom shadow

with script:
-movable airbrake

Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011

[WIP]MW3 M1A2 with Interior, MV-22 and LCAC Hovercraft

yep, those 3 will be the next vehicles after the Leopard 2A7.

Release of the F/A-37 Talon and Leopard 2A7 Final tomorrow

I know there are better V-22's, but i just make that for you CoD fanatics ;D
LCAC will either replace vortex or Marquis (to achieve a more realistic handling) and will hopefully be able to carry vehicles...
M1A2 Interior hasnt been ripped yet, but i will do it... good news: it's comptaible with Mw2's desert skin :D

PLEASE ANSWER THIS: should i leave the MW3 Mg on top of the M1A2 or should i add the MW2 Cal. 50 as its more realistic?

Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2011

[REL]Icon A5 and [WIP]F/A-37

my very first skimmer replacement...

Detailed Exterior
Detailed Cockpit
All moving parts

and i have found out what the problem was and fixed it: