Samstag, 19. März 2016

An update of the work I have been doing.

Long time no update and the list of released mods is... low... like... very low. Only the AT-99 has been released recently.

That's because:

a) I had to cut back on time because of my life outside of the modding scene
b) I have been working on the Avatar vehicles pack
c) I have been working on a detailed model of a DDG Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer

Status of b):

The AT-99 has been released as appetizer, but will be remade for the package. A new collision, tweaked materials and better cockpit will be implemented.
The Valkyrie Space Shuttle is still awaiting its cockpit. The HUD with its systems has been finished and shown during the preview video of the Valkyrie.
The SA-2 Samson is finished and comes in two version: One normal SEC-Ops version with missiles, buzzard MG and hook to carry vehicles. The other one is "Rogue One". Special paintscheme of the SA-2 flown by Trudy Chacon (Michelle Rodriguez) in the movie with missiles, Savage MG and no hook.
The Dragon Assault Ship... The model is there, but the cockpit and landing gear are still missing. I also haven't even started to convert that thing.

Status of c):

The model is entirely new and NOT from BF4. It features a bridge with interior and two complete hangars. Model is still in progress to add a CIWS platform and MK-38 weapon stations. A lot of models for this have been donated by the same person who also provides me with textures and lots of background knowledge.
A fitting Seahawk helicopter should be finished soon.

Pictures will follow.