Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

[WIP]Airport vehicles

noone has ever made some, so i thought... why not? xD stairs, which can be used to enter planes like AT400 and a container transporter with movable back

idk how to fix the damn wheel of this one o,o

[REL]Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept

This is one of my favourite cars sonce i was 8 or something and noone made it for SA, yet :O so here it is

-SA lights
-damage parts
-different body and stripe colors
-mid detailed interior
-detailed engine
-SA:MP friendly (no handling.cfg changes or similiar)

Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

[WIP]P-3C Orion by MLeer58

Okay, here i have some renders of MLeer58's P-3C after i have created a template and mapped it :)

pics of more skins will come soon

Planned/done skins:
US Navy (done)
RNLN (done)
JMSDF (done)
Aero Union Tanker 21 (done)
US Customs (done)

and i hope to make the skin changer work on Nevada ;D

- Status: Work in progress

- Mesh count: 65

- Vertices: 24153

- Polygons: 29556

- Type: Scratch-Made, Collaboration.
- Will work with: GTA San Andreas

Creators: MLeer58 (model), SkylineGTRFreak (texturing, skins)

Model made with ZModeler2.2.4, registered version.
Download it here:

Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

[REL]Su-33 SeaFlanker

okay first, this is for shamal, second, this mod is very detailed aswell
(again, only possible thanks to Albreht ;))

Model features:
-moving ailerons
-moving elevators
-moving rudders
-moving canards
-moving slats
-changeable skins
-enterable from ground
-original gear
-real opening canopy 

[REL]F/A-22 Raptor final (easy to install :P)

okay, so here we have the final F/A-22 Raptor... You just have to install hydra.dff and .txd and a cleo script, thats all, no additional files^^ Script and script compatible model by Albreht, without him this wouldnt be possible ;) I have also made a pilot model, its included aswell

-moving ailerons
-moving elevators
-moving rudders
-moving flaps
-moving slats
-openable missile bay
-detailed cockpit
-changeable skins
-enterable from ground
-original gear
-real opening canopy
-working MG

Scripts included:
F-22 bays
F-22 MG
Flares (cause everyone wants a damn link -_-)

[REL]Ilyushin IL-76 "Candid"

Modified version of the A-50, now just the default IL-76

[REL]Ilyushin IL-78 "Midas"

finished :D

Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

[REL]Airbus A320-200 skin pack (6 new liveries)

so here you go, these liveries were requested and now have fun and dont immediately request the next thing -.-'

Liveries included:
-American Airlines
-Aer Lingus
-Saudi Arabian
-Swiss Air
-Wizz Air

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

[REL]Airbus A320-200 with detailed cockpit and nightlights


and another pretty good looking plane

-moving ailerons
-moving elevators
-moving rudder
-moving fans
-original gear
-detailed cockpit (or w/o if your PC isnt that good)
-changeable liveries (not ingame though)
-enterable from ground

-Northwest Airlines
-United Airlines
-Air France
-British Airways

Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

[REL]Boeing 767-332 with detailed cockpit, nightlights and more

one of my best AT400 mods...

-moving ailerons (4x)
-moving elevators
-moving rudder
-moving fans
-original gear
-detailed cockpit (or w/o if your PC isnt that good)
-changeable liveries (not ingame though)

-American Airlines
-Air Canada
-Delta Airlines
-United Airlines
-United Continental Merger

the file size is very big, because it includes model+liveries 2 times (because of the with/without cockpit thingy) ingame it works fine without lag (and believe me, my pc sucks)

[REL]Carrier Pushback

sweet tiny pushback with SA lights... was made because of boredom, but looking good

[REL]F-11F Tiger

made in april and uploaded now... bah, who cares, its looking good now^^

Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011

[REL]Bombardier CRJ-700

Dont worry, Project Eagle is still up ;D

New CRJ-700, all working parts (door aswell), 6 (changeable skins[yea, has got paintchanger^^])
enjoy :D

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

[WIP]Project Eagle

this is my 8th (?) try now to make an acceptable F-15E... its my favourite plane, but im not satisfied with each of my versions, so i start a completely new one... the basic model comes from HAWX, but as you may see, i have made new gear, seats and changed the fuselage (jesus, the developers of HAWX suck)

F-15E fuselage changes:
added second seat (and changed canopy)
remodeled/mapped front part
remodeled/mapped tail and rudders

decided to revive Project Eagle, fllowing models will be made:
F-15C (done)
F-15E (done)
F-15 Active (actually done, but doesnt work ingame :S)
F-15 S/MTD
F-15 Silent Eagle

skins of the following models made by me, F-15 in this picture:
F-15 Active
F-15E Strike Eagle
F-15C Eagle with CFT

working airbrake
working intakes
real opening canopy
2nd seat panel