Sonntag, 13. März 2011

C-130 skins

well, the first 2, more to come, i will possibly update this post

1st: Blue Angels (Fat Albert)

2nd: USCG (United States Coastguard)

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  1. look on this pics I remember "The Guardian" movie

  2. they look super cool i love the USCG one its cool question though could you add like a man or something in the back of the C130 like in the guardian movie were he pushs the lift raft out of the plane? keep up the cool work man

  3. I do not understand why there is interior if it has no people are not machines do not stick! Meaning it was supposed to do if it does not hold absolutely nothing! Cleo script which can do that would keep??

  4. look this...the mod not just can upload to gtainside?;orderby%3Ddateline%26amp;filter%3D2592000

  5. Awserring AnDi

    The plane have interior for Multi Player gaming,and if you ask again why this plane need a interior for multiplayer i alredy will awser,for military propose in Role Play server or in Stunt server for base jump and another things.