Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

[INFO]Upcoming releases

releasing time soon

Releases will be:

M1A2 Abrams with moving tracks/all wheels/interior (Rhino) [100%]
M2A2 Bradley with moving tracks/all wheels/interior (Swatvan) [100%]
M270 MLRS with moving tracks/all wheels/interior (Dumper) [100%]
Stryker ICV with all wheels/interior (Firetruck/Swatvan) [100%]
Bombardier Global with interior (Shamal) [100%]
CH-47F Chinook with detailed cockpit (Cargobob) [100%]
Su-34 Fullback (Hydra) [WIP]
Mi-24P Hind (Hunter) [100%]
GAZ-3937 Vodnik (Sandking) [100%]
MV-22 Osprey (Beagle) [100%]

Future projects i have in mind:
AAV7A1 Amtrack with full interior
LAV-25 with full interior
updating Lynx with detailed cockpit
updating KA-60 with detailed cockpit
M2A3 Bradley with interior
AW101 Merlin
FV510 Warrior with interior


  1. I'm working on Vodnik atm. Exterior from Arma and interior from Battlefield.

  2. if you're gonna make an MI-24 then can u make the nose similar to the one from Bad Company 2?

  3. and if u do the AW101 can u have retractable gear for it?

  4. What I'd love to see (but I know it's kinda hard to come about) is the Eurcopter EC 155 in the german "Bundespolizei"-livery so I can replace the Police Maverick with a decent model..

  5. can you pls make a ch 46 (your own not mw3) and pls with a desert camo