Sonntag, 1. April 2012

[INFO]not here till wednesday

Sorry guys, but i won't be here till wednesday, i hope you can live without getting new mods in that time xD

and some pics i have here :D

Mitsubishi F-1

F-14D Tomcat

 Su-24M Fencer

and greetings from BF3 :D

9 Kommentare:

  1. No worries Ace, I guess I can hang on till Wed, even though I'm kinda addicted to your mods already lol. Take some rest bro, you deserve a break.

    Mmmm, is the BF3 ship model going to replace the ingame amphibious assault ship (static map object in San Ferrio)? And does that mean we can directly rip the vehicle models from BF3? Interesting implication for that 'greetings'...

  2. This Aircraft carrier should replace near at the Uss Nimitz location that hot xD

  3. This Aircraft carrier is great!
    Can it replace in the SA carrier?

  4. Aircraft Carrier = Drivable Ship = Nice mod xD

  5. It's there a Way to take the Carrier into SAMP ?
    I mean, to use it in GTA SA:MP ?

  6. Dear SkyLine, could you make skin mod of A320-200 for Alitalia & Boeing 767-332 for Alitalia (since you've created their mods)when you are back? I'll be grateful. Thanks in advance.

  7. So, if this aircraft carrier can drive, this is very bugged '-'

  8. could you tell me how to rip BF3 models?