Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

[REL]F-14D Supertomcat

hehe, fooled y'all :D

No well, actually i fooled myself, but hell, 2 weeks is just not nice ofr the rest of the world^^

Mod features:
Detailed model
Detailed cockpit
Working cockpit instruments
Working HUD
All gears and gearhatches working
Working rudders
Working flaps
Working spoilers
Working brakes
Working hook
Realistic canopy animation
Working MG
6 different weapon loadouts
6 different skins (+template to create your own skin/squadron)
Custom LOD model
Custom shadow model
Custom colission model

9 Kommentare:

  1. Skyline, i love you!!!!!! if i can get your address i will send you some cake!

  2. If I didn't love you so much (No homo) I'd say something mean :D And I want your address, so I can give you cookies :D (Better than cake, Ha!)

  3. IDK if it's just me,but the wings doesn't have collision. Still,a great work. Oh and BTW,does anyone know how to use ejection seat?

  4. uhm where you get that Ryosuke's FPD ? I try to search it many time but no result T.T

  5. Nice one.But I suggest you to improve the cockpit.Also I crash when I try to enter as passenger D:

  6. Skyline you're the best... sow can you add afterburner engine? plz

  7. cleo is very good,but Gun position Offset

  8. please what is the mod you used to have interior look in the plane ?

  9. Re-Uped