Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

Important (Please help me D:)

So guys, does anyone of you have AC:AH for PC and unlocked the Pixy and Cipher Skins for the F-15C Eagle? I really, really, really want them and only have them on Ps3. I don't know how to hack the savefile or extract textures from the data files, so I hope anyone here got them.

If someone has them and has the disc version, he could send me the savefile and I can rip them myself (Note: You have to save the skins as custom skins (for example 0001 and 0002), otherwise I won't have them unlocked with the save file.

If you own the GFWL download version, I would give you further inctructions.

Hope anyone has them :D

Pic taken on Ps3

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  1. I have them along with some other skins(Strigon,etc)

  2. That sounds awesome. I want as much legendary AC skins as possible^^ Do you have the disc or download version?

  3. Disc. I will check which ones do I have. No Mobius 1 though

  4. So far I have Cipher and Pixy, Strigon, Garuda and Akula. That's all I think

    Here is it

    1. Hm. It seems like savedata files are different from the regions. Cause yours has a different name and it says the data is corrupted when I rename it, so the game detects it... Do you think you could rip them? It's not very hard to do, I'd send you a pm on kotschopshop or so

  6. Well,what tools do I need? Also,should I enable antialias?