Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2015

[REL]Grabacr Su-47 and S/MTD (8492nd squadron) and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon mods!

First off, two new skins for GTA San Andreas. Models are old, skins are new. Represents the main antagonist squadron of AC: 5. The S/MTDs with Osean markings of the 8492nd squadron and the Su-47s (S-32s) with Belkan markings (real Grabacr)


F-15 S/MTD:

Aaaaaaaaand big news! Ace Combat: Assault Horizon custom modded textures!

Yep, it's possible and iT's great. Many of the custom textures made for San Andreas mods can be transferred to AC. Some samples:

You can download the first batch of custom textures over here:

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