Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2015

GTA V Airbus A380-800

Should be available for download soon. The windows light up at night, something which I will probably add to the 757 mod as well.

So far the liveries are:

British Airways
Thai Airways
Korean Air

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  1. Hey, sorry for commenting here and not on the USS Dallas post, just figured it might go unseen there..

    I wrote a handling line for your USS Dallas mod. It works pretty well, only very minor drawbacks. I'll let you know all the details of why it works in private, hit me up at Let's just say it takes a bit extreme settings to avoid the steering locking up. GTA V does not appreciate large boats and subs, the size of the object seems to confuse the engine.

    I have a request for you and some suggestions for the USS Dallas regarding weapons on it. I was thinking of giving it missiles for ICBM-style launches at the surface and torpedos under water. Do you think it is possible to switch between two different sets of missiles? Otherwise it is possible to write a script for a new weapon but I would need som info since the .ytf models seem to be what holds the info on what/where it can actually shoot, for instance if a vehicle only has one or no weapons at all you cannot add more just by editing scripts. Unfortunately I do not have the tools available to work with .ytf files.
    On a side note some more textures would be awesome as well. May I suggest USS Numbnutz like the static sub in GTA:SA?

    My request for you is to convert some .ydr files to .ydt and .ydf, in particular the UFO's found around the map. I'll pull the .ydr files for you and write the handling and weapons (which you will probably have to add to the models while converting the files) and then you can publish them here on your blog if you would like to do so, I'm just dying for a ride in the Zancudo UFO haha :)
    Let me know what you think.

  2. Does any of them work for Xbox if they do tell me what I gonna do