Freitag, 20. Mai 2016

[WIP]SR-71A Blackbird progress

To get a little live in the blog again, here is an update on the SR-71A:

Completely new nozzles. The Black Ops model (base model of this mod) lacked any distinctive nozzle whatsoever and that bugged me so much that I went ahead and created a new one. In the background you can see how it looked like before.

Additionally I have added some high resolution markings to the aircraft. Here you can see the rudder markins and in the background simple "NO STEP" markings on the fuselage

Ingame screenshots with afterburner (working for add-on version)

What will I add/improve?

Well, for one the engine inlets... On pretty much EVERY picture of the SR-71 you can see them open (they are in front of the nozzle). This would need a major remodelling, but I guess I really want to have them open...
A retexture of the gear bays. Right now they're plain black.
Maybe add the photo cameras on the bottom of the aircraft.
Aerial refueling hatch: Really, I don't know how this works. Is it always open or does it have a cover? Bceuase on many pictures and exhibits it is open, but I could swear at least the NASA versions have closed covers...

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