Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

S-32 Golden Eagle, F/A-22 Velociraptor, F-15 S/MTD, F-16XL and H-60 Silent Hawk

so, these planes/helis were actually build, planned, or made just for fun...

now you enjoy them in GTA (except one of them)...

I may do more planes that were build once, were planned or just look badass, although they havent been made in production

the first plane is the S-32 Golden Eagle, maybe you know it from the Ace Combat Series, because it was featured in many parts of it

2nd is the fictional F/A-22 Velociraptor

DL for S-32 and F-22:

and 3rd is the F-15 S/MTD, but still no permission to upload it -.-

4th is the F-16XL (new) DL coming soon

all planes have moving canards, elevators and engines, however there are some bugs and im too lazy to fix them atm

H-60 Silent Hawk:

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