Montag, 2. Mai 2011

[PS]New F-15 Series

EDIT: got my hands on a new mod, i will reveal it later or tomorrow xD

will release some new F-15's maybe...

F-15 versions i did/i'm planning:

F-15E (with and without CFT's)
F-15C (with and without CFT's)
Maybe a new F-15 S/MTD
Updating my F-15 Silent Eagle
Updating my F-15 Peak Eagle

(any other F-15's?)

for new video check my youtube channel, cause i can put the video link in here right now -.-

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  1. regarding the any other F-15s,you can make the Ra'am,and the F-15H (if you like,even though you can't really find good pics of its camo)or a F-15 with German Air Force camo ;-)