Freitag, 30. September 2011

[REL]Tu-160 Blackjack with variable wings

well, it was a hard try to make variable wings to the andromada, but i think, i got it... it works fine, well ailerons are a little strange, but the rest is fine (and yea, this plane hasnt got rudder and elevators, but the real hasnt got either ;D)

it is also enterable from the ground, ped_frontseat is in the left engine^^

comes with White, Black and Prototype skin

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  2. Friend I need your help because they do not make textures. do you teach us to cut the textures for a model I have please, I'd appreciate it. (note: do not speak English I am translating the words for google. if they are not spelled XD)

  3. friend if I answer the petition did you send me the instructions to this email

    jorge.90 @

    I'd appreciate it. :)