Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

[WIP]Project Eagle

this is my 8th (?) try now to make an acceptable F-15E... its my favourite plane, but im not satisfied with each of my versions, so i start a completely new one... the basic model comes from HAWX, but as you may see, i have made new gear, seats and changed the fuselage (jesus, the developers of HAWX suck)

F-15E fuselage changes:
added second seat (and changed canopy)
remodeled/mapped front part
remodeled/mapped tail and rudders

decided to revive Project Eagle, fllowing models will be made:
F-15C (done)
F-15E (done)
F-15 Active (actually done, but doesnt work ingame :S)
F-15 S/MTD
F-15 Silent Eagle

skins of the following models made by me, F-15 in this picture:
F-15 Active
F-15E Strike Eagle
F-15C Eagle with CFT

working airbrake
working intakes
real opening canopy
2nd seat panel

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  1. hello friend I would like to ask a favor, which is to benefit, if you can make the plane k 8 but TXD and dff files are the shamal, thanks my e mail is

  2. how add second seat correctly in hierarchy?
    i copy ped_frontseat and rename in ped_backseat
    but in game it's not work
    however on maverick this trick work right