Samstag, 29. September 2012

[REL/INFO]E-3A Sentry

Okay, so first: here is the E-3A with Project Al compability.

And 2nd:

Again, I'm not here for 2 weeks, If you feel you need to let anything very important go, do it in the comments section, otherwise I won't bother to look at it in the chatbox.

Have fun in those 2 weeks, I try to do some more when I'm back.

Mods in mind are not much at the moment.

let's see

9 Kommentare:

  1. sir may i ask if you could make a ov-10 to replace the rustler?...i think its one of those planes thats hasn't seen the light of san andreas XD.....kudos and best wishes

  2. I agree totally the Ov-10 was already made but it was only for the beagle This would be the greatest thing for the rustler in the modern world!

    1. Hello Skyline I know you have already made some great AH-64D mods, but i´m here to request a new configuration of Longbow I think you have never released, I hope you see my comment, Here is a reference image

      PD: if you could do the same sharks paintjob i would be so happy,:)

  3. Maybe a new B52 with opening bombbays and adapted with Project_AI

  4. It would be great for you to do one new KC-135E, and one version of the Chilean Air Force

  5. Grand theft airstrike I send this message because you are a professional or expert models and skins for gta san andreas, finally, I would like to help me with a project of mine of a Super Tucano A29 I am not able to fix the tires and cabin has a problem both inside glasses are not transparent agrezco I Estanimation1 attention almost all skins that are models hagoi own and always keep the credits please visit my blog helps my mail: i will pass you the plane model please help me