Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2014

[REL]Dassault Rafale M

A new Rafale M for GTA SA using the Al Olanes script for realistic part movement. Aside from that, it comes with the following 6 skins:

French (grey)
French (grey camo)
French (Tigermeet)
Espada 2

It also has 6 different weapon payloads, which will vary:

2xAim-9 on outer pylons
2xAim-9 and 4xanti-ship Exocet missile
2xAim-9 and 6xanti-air Meteor missile
2xAim-9 and 4xfuel tank
2xAim-9,2xanti-ship Exocet missile and 2xStorm Shadow cruise missile
2x Aim-9,4xanti-air Meteor missile and 2xfuel tank

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