Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

Planes I have been working on

All from AC:AH

(click to enlarge)

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  1. suggest you put the Rafale, external fuel tanks and pumps, as the image

  2. sooo goood :D im a fan of ur aicrafts and plz,i need a "favor"....

    I need for my squadron a panhard lynx for the Méxican Army,but i pedirte a favor to make this plz,i will love you for ever! :D ty and well zorry for the bad english. :c

  3. can you make reupload those AMRAAM or JDAM? if its not please, you still cant rip it from F15 and convert to missile or rcbomb dff

  4. plz do it like that

  5. please add non stealth config for F-22. put some external fuel tanks

    1. I wanted to do stealth, 4x AMRAAM on wings, 4x fuel tanks, 2x fuel tanks... Maybe 2x fuel tanks and 2xAMRAAm, but not sure, yet