Montag, 24. August 2015

A work in progress: F-14D Super Tomcat for GTA V

Today I have taken my firt look at GTA V modding and immediately started with an aircraft. One of my favorites, if not THE favorite aircraft will hopefully find it's decent representation in GTA V. Since I have not spent that much time on it so far, there is not much to see (yet)

What is working already?

Ailerons (I have used the flaps as ailerons, since spoilers are not supported)
Openable canopy

Some minor stuff:
Wings and missiles can break off after a crash
Vapor trails on wingtips
Afterburner for the left engine (I really hope I can duplicate it for the other engine)
Correct weapon placement

I will move on to the gear tomorrow.

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  1. SkylineGTRFreak hi friend okay it was like ZModeler 3 or 3ds max? Thank you for your attention ?