Dienstag, 2. August 2011

Boeing 747-8I, EC-665 Tiger

the request has been heard and yea why not... the only thing not working is the paint changer, the one who finds a solution gets a request, so good luck xD


and the Tiger, had to rip it off the game, but it looks quite good :3

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  1. Nice work mate! just wondering if in the final version you can move the player position into the cockpit, it would be awesome!

  2. Skyline GTR Freak = God Of San Andreas Planes,ir the Chuck Norris in Real Life man,you are the best in the art of mods,lock that 747,you are crazy man,in 2 years,think in a mod so perfect like that,its was imposible,it you,and some of your friends,are making things that any one us could imaging.

    Nice Work Skyline,Your are Realy,the god and the Chuck Norris in the art of making planes mods.

    Well,i would like to make a request but,i dunno what to ask,you made almost everything that one fighther pilot would like,but I'm still thinking in a nice plane to give you a headache,well,acutly i will give you a headache only if you wannt it couse,i decide if you wanna make a plane or not,but anyway,nice work again,hope you got lucky in that Paint Changer in the 747.

  3. Well Skyline,i wanna ask you sunthing.

    I think you have nice contacts of nice gta modders like you,but,you know anyone that make military boats,or maybe know how to work on that?

    Couse i think,theres is a thing that never was make to San Andreas,One Nice Landing Craft,that can Carry vehicles to the combat zone,you know,on landing craft that can carry Patriots,Barracks and even Rhinos.

    Well,one good Landing Craft its the LCT MK V, Its an American WWII Landing Craft,well,that all,thanks.

    By [Galm_1]Huskie

  4. Awesome!!!
    i hope you could make it also have the person sit in the cockpit since im using camhack for almost anything... :X
    btw, are you planning on making the 787 Dreamliner? could be cool... xD

  5. very nice model !!!! THX for making the EC Tiger !!!!

  6. cool 747 but how to enter the intrior?

  7. Ich hab ein Video gemacht, wo auch dein EC Tiger und den Panavia Tornado vorkommen.Da ich ein artiger Mensch bin und mich an die Youtube Richtlinien halte hab ich in der Beschreibung deine Rechte vermerkt und dein Blog verlinkt.Ich hoffe es ist okay, dass ich ein Video darüber gemacht habe und ich hoffe es gefällt dir.

    -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD573Png5fo

    greets Mr.Nap

  8. Antworten
    1. Have you ever found or gotten link or dff file for the 747-8i?

  9. The 747 file here is not available or the file has been moved is it possible that I can have the dff file of the 747