Sonntag, 7. August 2011

[TUT]how to make a tank for GTA San Andreas using Zmodeler 2

what you need?

Zmodeler 2
an importable tank model
GTA San Andreas (wow, really? :O)
TXD Workshop 4.0

Step 1:
Import your model and apply textures (i thought i dont have to explain how, if you dont know, comment please)
it should look like this then:

Step 2
reduce the parts to what is necessary (modify->attach) (chassis, turret, canon, left front mainwheel, "all wheels not connected with the ground")(Note: tracks and all wheels except the left frontwheel are getting attached to the chassis, but i didnt do it, because i still have to do something with them (not in this TUT))

Step 3
rotate the pivot (modify->rotate->rotate matrix) so it looks in the left view window like this : (blue arrow pointing to the left, green one pointing upwards) do that with all your objects

Step 4
Import the default Rhino model and move your tank to the same position (i hadnt got the default .dff anymore, so i took my L2A5 x))

Step 5
Hide the .dff (click on the box right next to the name in the list) and go to modify->move->move pivot only. now take the turret and move the pivot to the center of your turret. ingame, the turret will rotate around this point, so dont place it anywhere else than in the middle.

Step 6
same as Step 5, but now you have to select the center moving point of the cannon

Step 7
rename the turret to "misc_a" and the cannon to "misc_b" (for renaming, double click on the object in the names list) drag and drop "misc_b" inside "misc_a"

Step 8
inside rhino.dff->rhino->chassis_dummy->chassis->misc_a->misc_b is misc_c. drag it out of the .dff and inside your "misc_b"

Step 9
Hide the dff again and you'll see this green dot. this is where the smoke effects will be when you fire, so move it to the end of your barrel

Step 9
delete the chassis inside "rhino.dff->rhino->chassis_dummy" together with its children. put your "misc_a" inside your "chassis" and put your "chassis" inside "chassis_dummy"

Step 10
hide the .dff so you only have your wheel. move the pivot to center of the wheel (same as turret, it affects its center moving position)

Step 11
inside the .dff are many "wheel_..._dummy" dummies, they control where the wheels will be attached ingame

Step 12
modify->exact transform. click on the wheel and in scale do X: 0,500 Y: 1,000 Z: 1,000

Step 13
there are 3 on each side, so 6 wheels in total, however ingame it will be more...

Step 13
now you have to set the wheel positions
wheel_rf_dummy and wheel_lf_dummy have the position where the front wheel will be, wheel_lm_dummy and wheel_rm_dummy have the position of the 3rd wheel and wheel_rb_dummy and wheel_lb_dummy have the position at the back
*the additional wheels will be spawned automatically

Step 14
drag and drop your wheel inside "wheel_rf_dummy" (name MUST be "wheel"

Step 15
make sure everything is INSIDE the .dff hierarchy, the export it with the name "rhino.dff" (NOTE: if i would have named it Marder.dff inside zmodeler, i would have had to export with the name marder.dff)

Step 16
Open TXD Workshop and import all textures with their names and compress them

save it, try it, have fun :D

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  1. Man,very nice of you.Many people were looking forward to such a tutorial (somehow I wasn't one of them,even though I like tanks :D).I don't wanna know how much time it took you to make it xD

  2. I have already converted some vehicles but iam stuck with the texturing and i dont know how to do it.Can you somehow help me please ? and BTW great tutorial

  3. whats your problem adding it or putting it in Txd Workshop?

  4. Lets just say that i completely dont know how to work with txd workshop.

  5. okay open txd workshop, click on file new, and import all your textures with the names like in zmod. the file save as rhino.txd or whatever.

    idk if it works but try;)

  6. Dude How To Import File Like What???.....

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