Freitag, 19. August 2011

[REL]Boeing 777-200 full low poly interior

here we go with a new 777, it's coming with 2 liveries:
American Airlines (2048x2048 textures)
United Airlines (2048x2048 textures)
Air France (1024x1024 Textures)
British Airways (1024x1024 Textures)
KLM (1024x1024 Textures)
Japan Airlines (1024x1024 Textures)
Singapore Airlines (1024x1024 Textures)

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  1. Dear SkyLine, please fix the problem connected with Boeing 777-200 so that we could take it out from hangar (since it explodes when we try to fly). The plane is excellent and I liked it much and I want to fly with it (not as passenger but as pilot). I swear I won't "bore" you with requests for a long long time. Thanks in advance and I hope you won't reject me.