Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

[REL]Airbus A330-300

Realistic Gear Animation, Detailed Cockpit, 10 working lights and more...

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  1. really excellent!!! Thanks for such mods:-)but I am looking forward to A320 and Boeing 767-332 (both Alitalia) mods. I hope to see them one day and enjoy in my GTA SA.

  2. My game crashes when I install this, here is how I do:

    I put at400.dff and txt in the Gta3.img and when I start the game, it crashes, I have put the .cs file in tmy cleo folder. There is also another file in there, called 586_t-4.586, what is that for. I never put the carcol.dat and Vehicle.dat texts in, is that the problem maybe? Please help me ASAP! Love your mods, keep it coming! <3

  3. ins't the file,did you Install the txd?
    and the A330 Gear.cs?
    if not,off-course will Crash.....

  4. Skyline,your A330-300 is online again in Mediafire...