Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

[REL]US Navy SEALs (6 models, each model with 7 skins)

So, here they are :) They look pretty nice ingame and you may have seen some of the characters already, I won't tell more ;) The textures and models are looking pretty fine and are detailed aswell. Like said above, the pack includes 6 models (Leader, Assistant Leader, Rifleman, Corpsman, RTO and Grenadier) and each model has following textures:

AOR Woodland
AOR Desert
Woodland (+painted faces[Textures made by myself])

SOC-R boat and a 160th Nightstalkers pack (MH-47G, MH-6 with rear seats, maybe XH-60 Silent Hawk, Blackhawk Pilot and MH-6 Pilot) will be released soon

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  1. Greats Models!, Sorry for the concern, you can make a model (such as the Leader) but with the body of Chris Redfield?

    Sorry for bad English

  2. Could you reupload these, please? :)