Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

[REL]F/A-18F Superhornet

My favourite Hornet model with the new F/A-18 script. I have included 4 different payloads, including ECM jammers like the EA-18G has (EA-18G skin included). Inside the rar files are several different Squadron txd files you can use :)

(if your buddy has this mod, the F/A-18D, my upcoming F-14D or Albrehts 4th GF fighters, you can dogfight in SA:MP with the MG (primary fire))

6 Kommentare:

  1. Thank skyline that upgraded my model!))

  2. Will Albreht make a MiG-29 for Hydra or MiG-35 for his 4th gen jet fighters? And as always nice work skyline!

  3. i open FA-18D.cs with Sanny Builder 3

    resaved it

    but it can't use horn or capslock in sa game

    only original file FA-18D.cs can use horn or capslock


  4. Re-Uped