Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

[REL]Boeing 767-332 with detailed cockpit, nightlights and more

one of my best AT400 mods...

-moving ailerons (4x)
-moving elevators
-moving rudder
-moving fans
-original gear
-detailed cockpit (or w/o if your PC isnt that good)
-changeable liveries (not ingame though)

-American Airlines
-Air Canada
-Delta Airlines
-United Airlines
-United Continental Merger

the file size is very big, because it includes model+liveries 2 times (because of the with/without cockpit thingy) ingame it works fine without lag (and believe me, my pc sucks)

2 Kommentare:

  1. I don't know whether the author of Boeing 767-332 is the same who has created A320 mod, but I really liked your mod so I'd like to ask you to make Boeing 767-332 skin for Alitalia. I'll be very grateful:-) Thnx in advance