Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

[REL]F/A-22 Raptor final (easy to install :P)

okay, so here we have the final F/A-22 Raptor... You just have to install hydra.dff and .txd and a cleo script, thats all, no additional files^^ Script and script compatible model by Albreht, without him this wouldnt be possible ;) I have also made a pilot model, its included aswell

-moving ailerons
-moving elevators
-moving rudders
-moving flaps
-moving slats
-openable missile bay
-detailed cockpit
-changeable skins
-enterable from ground
-original gear
-real opening canopy
-working MG

Scripts included:
F-22 bays
F-22 MG
Flares (cause everyone wants a damn link -_-)

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  1. The flare script was created by ryosuke, my friend :D

  2. new link:

  3. Cool :D I want To Download This MOD