Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

[WIP]P-3C Orion by MLeer58

Okay, here i have some renders of MLeer58's P-3C after i have created a template and mapped it :)

pics of more skins will come soon

Planned/done skins:
US Navy (done)
RNLN (done)
JMSDF (done)
Aero Union Tanker 21 (done)
US Customs (done)

and i hope to make the skin changer work on Nevada ;D

- Status: Work in progress

- Mesh count: 65

- Vertices: 24153

- Polygons: 29556

- Type: Scratch-Made, Collaboration.
- Will work with: GTA San Andreas

Creators: MLeer58 (model), SkylineGTRFreak (texturing, skins)

Model made with ZModeler2.2.4, registered version.
Download it here:

2 Kommentare:

  1. affffff suas mods da muito problema e deicha o jogo lento , conserta isso ai

  2. It could make the texture of the Brazilian Air Force for this plane?
    See how simple it is:

    (Google Translator)